Made to Fit
Completed in May 2016

In early December of 2015, Anita Clark Design was contacted by a mutual friend and real estate broker that her client was moving to a new location in the Boston area and needed assistance to furnish this property. The homeowner had many of her own things she wanted to incorporate into the initial design such as a Rosewood dining table and sideboard, dining chairs and a dark chocolate brown suede sofa and chair that were overly sized and not scaled for the new space.

These existing furniture pieces were not the best solutions for her new space which had weird angles and curves but were important to the client so Anita Clark Design took the we can do approach. After a few design sessions, showing her floor coverings, window treatments, etc. that would work with her existing pieces, she succumbed to the fact that it was probably not a cost effective solution to try to work with what she had in a space that was difficult to furnish from the start. Simultaneously, she also concluded with the recommendation that in stock and standard furnishings would not work either. Designed to fit each unique space were a custom sectional and ottomans that would not only fit the space properly but would be aesthetically correct and function perfectly along with custom shaped area rugs, window treatments and accessories to complete each room.

Interior Designer: Anita Clark Design
Custom Sectional and Ottomans: Boston Furniture Design
Photographer: Kyle J. Caldwell Photography