On the Rocks
Completed in May 2015

Sometimes as professionals, you have to be upfront when you think a client has unrealistic expectations or needs guidance to make better choices and decisions about an upcoming project. Anita Clark Design was approached by this client to select the furnishings and finishes for a porch that was going to be converted into a new great room. After the initial meeting Anita asked about the vision for the current kitchen that adjoined this new area of the home. The client’s plan was to renovate the kitchen at a later date. Looking at the big picture and how best to utilize the entire space in the most cost effective way Anita suggested they wait and complete the entire project at once rather than in two stages. After reviewing some preliminary designs, they realized that this approach was a better plan than what they originally intended to do. The new kitchen and walk-in butler’s pantry was ordered four weeks later from Poggenpohl with state of the art appliances. Thus began the re-design and planning of a new great room, a kitchen and butler’s pantry and a strong working relationship of additional projects that continues today.

Interior Designer: Anita Clark Design
Kitchen Cabinets: Rosemary Porto of Poggenpohl Boston
Photographer: Kyle J. Caldwell